Hi, it’s Rachel! 


For me, art is a spiritual practice, so there is no separation between my three areas of work, they all overlap. I have found I have a knack for helping others bring their creativity into the world. My gifts are not for me to thrive alone, my gifts are here to help others realize and hone theirs as well. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.


(Okay, low-hanging cheese fruit, but like, what? Was I not supposed to say it?!)


I offer 1:1 coaching for Creative Production, Comedy Writing/Performance, and Spiritual Support. 


Whether you have a specific need; Starting a podcast? Joke punch-ups? Production guidance? Or beginning a longer process; Need actionable tools for moving through a personal block? Building something big and need help seeing your vision in full? 


Whether you’re seeking coaching support for something big or small,

 I am available and excited to help you live your best damn life! 



First, head over to my Office Hours and book your spot. Once you’ve paid, you will receive an intake form to fill out. This helps me get an idea of where you’re at in your process and how I can best serve you. This way we can best utilize our time together.



Office Hours are now open for one-time bookings with follow-ups as needed. I also work with up to five reoccurring clients at a time for durations of 4 weeks to 3 months. 


For any additional questions or anything I’ve left out, please fill out this form and I will get back to you within 48 hours. Thank you! I look forward to connecting with you! 

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“The Real Deal”

I've worked with Rachel in multiple professional atmospheres. To say she works well with others is an understatement. She brings out the best in everybody. I once saw her get a whole bus of monks who took a vow of silence to sing happy birthday to her friend on a bus. They didn't regret breaking the silence. They thanked her! Your business, presentation, and/or life will benefit immensely from Rachel's 1:1 coaching. She's the real deal and you will see immediate results.  


     - Ross Kimball, Actor/Comedian/Writer/Podcaster


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(References available upon request)

FOLLOW YOUR GUT! Have you ever been listening to a scene; hear the edit point; but not commit to editing the scene? FOLLOW YOUR GUT is a workshop thats discusses through practice how you can learn to trust your instincts when improvising and how to create positive muscle memory. Focuses on editing; mirroring your scene partner + how to work without worry.  (Beginners - Intermediate)

COMEDY THROUGH CONNECTION: We've all been there. In a 4 minute scene that isn't going anywhere and we're still talking about the laundry desperately trying to make it "funny". COMEDY THROUGH CONNECTION is about learning to fully invest in your scene partner(s) without the need to develop or invent the funny. Learning to truly connect onstage frees us up to create real moments of laughter and moments of comedic tension through relationship. (Beginners, Intermediate + Experienced)

THE GYM: A Workshop for Solo Character: Do you have an old character bit that you love but haven't been able to figure out what to do with? Do you still get compliments on that one scene you did but can't figure out how to make it a solo piece? In this workshop; we will focus on each person's piece and workout the bits to create a full character piece! (Beginners - Intermediate)

COMEDY MATH: Comedy Math is a writing workshop that focuses on word economy. Participants are encouraged to bring a piece of their own writing; stand up bits, characters, articles, sketches etc. We will workshop these as a group by utilizing principals that allow the creator to learn how to trim the fat, increase laughs per minute and strengthen their POV.  (Beginners, Intermediate + Experienced)