+ upcoming shows +

May 6th - REDFORD sketch, Acme Theater, 9pm

May 10th - Toughy The Bear, LA Connection, 3435 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, 10pm

May 11th - Village Bicycle, The Revolution, 8pm

May 14th - NOT HAROLD NIGHT!, The Clubhouse, 9:30pm

May 18th - Village Bicycle, Second City Hollywood, 7:30pm

May 20th - SKETCH THAT TUNE, The Pack Theater, 8pm

June 2nd - UGLY STEPCHILDREN, Westside Comedy Theater, 11:30pm

June 6th - REDFORD sketch, Acme Theater, 9pm

June 14th - Tuffy The Bear: Sketch Night, LA Connection, 10pm

July 1st - The Scramble, The Pack, noon





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